July 4th Protests Build Momentum for 9-12

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FreedomWorks has put together an interactive map of the protests happening around the country on July 4th, 2009. If you know of a protest that is not listed, please leave a comment below and we will update the map as soon as we can. Thanks!

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June 11, 2009 • 2:56 pm
There will be a july 4 tea party in Eau Claire, WI

Cynthia Wood
June 21, 2009 • 7:05 am
There will be a Tea Party in Odessa, TX on July 4 at Buffalo Wallow Memorial Park from 12 – 2 pm

Robin Emond
June 23, 2009 • 8:12 pm
There will be a Tea party In Hartford,CT at the Capitol
on July 4th 12pm- 3pm

Kim S
July 1, 2009 • 4:38 pm
The Lehigh Valley Independence Day Tea Party Rally will be held in Easton, PA in Centre Square on Friday, July 3, from 7-8pm. Centre Square in Easton was the third place that the Declaration of Independence was read after its signing in 1776. We’ll re-proclaim the Declaration and have several speakers talking about re-assserting the individual rights declared in it.

Julie McKinney
June 11, 2009 • 4:25 pm
Tea Party 11am – 3pm
Marshall Park, 4th and McDowell
Charlotte, NC

Lainie Sloane
June 11, 2009 • 5:00 pm
Unable to post tea party on map. Indianapolis July 4 Tea Party

Bonnie Kuzminski
June 12, 2009 • 5:07 pm
Valparaiso, IN, is having its Tea Party July 4, 2009, from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Courthouse Square.

Neil Parrott
June 13, 2009 • 1:14 pm
WHERE: University Park, on US 40 (Washington St.) next to the University of MD campus and directly across from the Hagerstown Post Office.

WHEN: July 7, 2009 3 – 6 PM

CONTACT: [email protected]

Join with millions of like-minded Americans across the nation to protest the $3.27 TRILLION budget, the $700 BILLION TARP Bank Bailout, the Nationalization of GM and Chrysler, and the skyrocketing National Debt. We are bankrupting our country & Future generations. We are “Taxed Enough Already” and must call for Fiscal Accountability.

*No vulgarity on signs – This is a peaceful event.

“We must not let our RULERS load us with perpetual debt.”
Thomas Jefferson

Adele Allen
June 16, 2009 • 8:47 pm
Hi, We are having a Tea Party in Clare, Michigan July 4 from 1pm to 3pm at the Clare City Park on 5th Street. Thjere will be music, iced tea and a open mictophone.

Harry Riley
June 17, 2009 • 6:46 pm
Where do we find the details of the July 4th rally in Washington, D.C…………

Dena Stewart-Gore
June 18, 2009 • 6:57 pm
I’m in, pray for me personally. I’m in let’s get this thing off the ground and UNITE PLEASE! My reasons for being involved are very personal and I REALLY find this very hard to deal with. Let’s pull from all across America and get this thing moving. I’ve got information for follks to contact people who helped organize the Nationsl Day of Prayer as well.

Pat Wayman
June 18, 2009 • 10:51 pm
Venice, Florida
July 4, 7 PM – 8:30 PM
Centennial Park Gazebo

Bring family friendly signs
Donations for troops
Speakers: Dr. Rich Swier, Veteran &
Medical Dr. regarding Health Care Freedom

Connie Zimmermann
June 19, 2009 • 1:49 pm
July 4th, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 6pm-8pm on the steps of the State Capital Building.

anne carr
June 20, 2009 • 3:52 pm
Anyone know if there is anything happening around East Hampton or out on the North Fork on Long Island on the 4th?

June 20, 2009 • 5:42 pm
Booked my tickets 9/11 to BWI. Looking forward to it.

Brenda P (aka Patriot Bren)
June 21, 2009 • 3:41 pm
Tea Party Patriots, the same people who brought you the original Tax Day
Tea Party, is proud to announce our brand new website. We want to invite
you to the site so that you can see what we are working on for tea parties
and other events around the country.

This summer we are focusing on fighting government run healthcare. In
addition to all of the tea parties going on across the country over the July
4th holiday, we will be holding a national day of Tea Parties across the
country on July 17th. These parties will take place at every single
senatorial and congressional district office in the country at 12:00 noon
EDT / 9:00 am PDT. The purpose of the National Day of Tea Parties is to
express our oppostion to government run healthcare. We would love to have
your participation and support!

We would like to invite you to enter your tea party event on our website.
You can also list any fundraisers, grassroot activist training classes,
parades, townhall forums, etc. It is simple to do and once you have entered
your event, you can go in and edit the if necessary. There is even an RSVP
function for your individual events! This is a big improvement for us and
we are thrilled with the new site.

Please visit our new site at http://www.teapartypatriots.org

God Bless the USA!

Paul Clark
June 21, 2009 • 7:09 pm
I’m glad to see we have a chance to protest all the wasteful spending on the wars we are fighting across the world. No more wars! My entire student body has committed to making our voices heard and I hope we can gain the independence for the people that are suffering in the middle east and our dependence on fossil fuels.

June 23, 2009 • 12:10 pm
NYC Tea Party July 1st in Times Square!

Clyde Burke
June 23, 2009 • 6:10 pm
Join us on the Oregon Coast for a 4th of July TEA Party! Brookings. Be there. Noon on Railroad Street next to US Bank. As an option, find one closer to home. Just do it, for you and your kids.

Leigh H
June 24, 2009 • 1:40 pm
There will be a tea party downtown Charleston, SC

D & E
June 28, 2009 • 8:42 am
My sister lives in Myrtle Beach. Anything going on there that you know of?

June 25, 2009 • 10:51 am
4th of July U.S. Constitution Boat Parade at Gator’s on The Pass in Treasure Island Florida noon to 9:00 PM on July 4th.

June 25, 2009 • 8:25 pm
Springfield, Ohio
July 4th 11am to 1pm eastern
City Hall Plaza

June 26, 2009 • 8:54 pm
Louisville, KY July 4 – Tea Party Protest for State Sovereignty and against out of control spending
@ Jefferson Square (6th and Jefferson St.) 11am – 2pm

Tom Cory
June 27, 2009 • 12:15 pm
There will be another Tea Party at Memorial Park, in Rapid City, S. Dakota on July Fourth.

Nina Marlow
June 27, 2009 • 2:11 pm
Are there any tea parties in Phoenix, AZ???

June 27, 2009 • 3:49 pm
St Louis Tea Party Coalition will hold it’s Independence Day tea party in Rennick Park Washington, Mo on the banks of the Missouri river.

Debbie A.
June 28, 2009 • 12:03 am
There will be a Tea Party July 4th Columbus, NC at the Veterans Memorial Park, from 7p.m. to 9 p.m. with an invitation for the audience to speak. Bring your signs and enthusiasm.

D & E
June 28, 2009 • 8:42 am
BOSTON!! BIG protest where it all began. Leaving from a protest in Portsmouth, NH, boating down to Boston Harbor. Then protest on the Common with speakers and press and hopefully good weather.
Can’t wait to go to DC. Already registered and plans are made. See you all there!

Chad C.
June 28, 2009 • 9:17 am
Check out this site for a TEA Party near you. Click on locations at the top.

The Boston Tea Party: Facts You Need to Know

Kathy Dean
June 28, 2009 • 10:53 am
There will be a Tea Party in Indiana, Pa, in front of the Indiana County Courthouse on Friday, July 3rd at 6:00 p.m.

Betty Robinson
June 29, 2009 • 11:02 am
Are there any “tea parties” scheduled in Orange County, CA on the 4th?

Gary O’Neal
June 29, 2009 • 9:28 pm
We are having a Independence Day Tea Party in Ratcliff, Arkansas July 2. We had over 300 in attendance at our Tax Day TEA Party in April.

Jackie Courts
June 30, 2009 • 2:14 am
There is a July 4th Tea Party scheduled in Huntington, West Virginia from 12 Noon until 3:00 p.m. at Ritter Park on the 8th Street and 13th Avenue side. Bring lawn chairs, blankets, coolers and a picnic basket for this family event. Let’s make out voices heard and enjoy some eating as well. Hope to see all there.

Art Wayland
July 1, 2009 • 12:03 pm
I’m set up for 9.12.09

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